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About SIC

Kerala State Information Commission was constituted under section 15(1) of the Right to Information Act 2005, through gazette notification No.80649/Cdn.5/05/GAD dated 19th December 2005 published as SRO No.1091/2005 in Kerala Gazette Extraordinary No.2731 dated 19-12-2005. The Commission consists of the State Chief Information Commissioner and five State Information Commissioners.

Citizen Services

Citizen Services

File Your Petition

Citizen may file appeal petition/complaint petition through this option. Citizen is required to register and login to the portal for filing petitions with SIC.

Track Petition Status

Use this option to track the status of petition filed with SIC. Hearing notices, Final order etc. can be downloaded from here using petition number and OTP

View Cause List

View the cause lists. Hearings posted can be searched using this option.

Search Orders

Use this option to search the Final Orders and Interim Orders of SIC. These orders can be downloaded from here.

Petition Statistics at SIC

Petition Statistics at SIC

Total Appeals

Total Complaints

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